Grad SWE


We are a relatively new committee of SWE at Michigan Tech, as we just started up in early 2015. We strive to provide a productive social and professional environment for graduate student while serving as a bridge between the undergraduate and graduate SWE members.

Our Objectives:

  • Encourage undergraduates to consider graduate school in STEM

  • Mentor undergraduate students

  • Provide a network and support system

  • Sponsor both academic and professional development seminars and workshops

  • Disseminate information on scholarship, fellowship, and employment opportunities

  • Advocate career exploration

If you are a graduate student interested in expanding your network or an undergraduate interested in pursuing grad school (whether at Tech or elsewhere), contact us to get event information and learn how to get involved! You need not be a woman or an engineer to join.

Co-directors Madison Mroczynski and Erica Coscarelli

For more GradSWE information and the latest on upcoming events, visit us here: